You may have many personal or professional accomplishments in your life, but you’re probably most proud of your children.

  • You may have started a business or been promoted in your field and as satisfying as that may be, the fact you’re supporting your children and helping them become educated, well rounded adults gives you the most satisfaction.
  • You may be in the position where you’re supporting your kids full time and putting professional plans on hold or feel no job could match the satisfaction of raising your kids.

Given how important your children are to you, what do you do if a marriage or relationship with the other parent breaks down? The attorneys at The Bloom Firm help parents and their children work through and resolve custody issues. That can be through,

  • Protecting our client’s legal rights to have custody or visitation with their children. We work hard to protect the interests of children and our clients by making sure the bond between parent and child isn’t broken.
  • Limiting, or when necessary ending, the parental rights of the other parent. If spending time and being cared for by a parent is not in the best interests of a child, we will work within the legal system to make sure that child is protected from harm.

If you and your spouse, or the parent of your child, are having disputes about the future of your children and who will be caring for them, contact The Bloom Firm today. We can talk about your situation, the laws covering child custody and visitation, and come up with a plan to protect your rights and those of your children.