The most serious family law issue The Bloom Firm deals with is allegations of domestic violence and we take these cases seriously.

If our clients or their children are the victims of abuse, we take action to help protect them from any future harm. If a client is falsely accused of abuse, we also take steps to protect their interests and rights as well. A claim of domestic abuse, whether it’s genuine or not, can have a serious impact on divorce, child custody, and visitation cases, as well as day to day life.

Domestic violence laws are different in every state. Domestic violence is generally defined as a threat or act of aggression against a child or adult with whom you have a personal relationship. A victim could be a spouse, child, current or former girlfriend/boyfriend, or another member of the family.

When a client claims to be the victim of domestic abuse we normally file an injunction, or restraining order, which if signed by a judge will prevent contact between the victim and the alleged perpetrator. A judge will normally grant the request if there is evidence that continued contact between the parties could lead to further violence and abuse.

If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence and want to take legal action to make sure it stops or are falsely accused of domestic violence and fear future repercussions of the allegation, contact The Bloom Firm. We will listen to you, discuss the situation and will take legal action when needed to protect yourself, your children, and your legal interests.