If your circumstances have changed since your divorce, you may be able to modify the spousal support order or agreement. The Bloom Firm helps those both paying for and receiving spousal support. That amount could go up or down over time and we could help you make that amount fit your situation.

Laws are different in every state, but generally if both parties agree to the change the support agreement, and to have a judge formalize it. If no agreement can be reached, the issue can be taken to family court where the party seeking the modification needs to file a motion and show that there has been a significant change in the circumstances since the support order was made.

There are many possible reasons why a support order may need to be modified.

  • The ex-spouse or partner receiving support no longer needs it,
  • The person paying support has seen a significant drop in income and the current support amount is unaffordable,
  • The party getting support is not making good faith efforts towards being self-supporting, or
  • The ex-spouse/partner receiving support remarries and the support needs to be ended.

Whether you feel or are paying too much or that the support you’re receiving just isn’t enough given your circumstances, contact The Bloom Firm for help today. We have extensive experience handling family law and spousal support cases. We can try to reach an agreement with your ex-spouse and if that fails, litigate your case to protect your rights and defend your interests.