Does a spouse deserve financial support, and if so, how much? These are the issues all divorcing couples need to consider. The parties can agree on spousal support issues and put them behind them, or, if not, this could be part of divorce litigation and the judge will decide. If spousal support is an issue in your divorce, The Bloom Firm can help.

Spousal support law varies from state to state, but generally, there are four types of support. Whether a spouse deserves such support and the amount can be disputed by the parties.

  1. Temporary Spousal Support/Alimony (known as “pendent lite”)

This is given during a separation and before a divorce is finalized so a spouse can maintain her/his lifestyle before a divorce order is issued.

  1. Rehabilitative Spousal Support/Alimony

This is awarded for a set period of time and is meant to help a spouse “rehabilitate” himself/herself so that he or she can get job training, an education, or job experience to become more self-sufficient. It can also apply to a parent of small children so the parent can care for them full time until they reach school age.

  1. Permanent Spousal Support/Alimony

Permanent spousal support continues until the death of the payor, the death of the recipient, or the remarriage of the recipient. The amount could change based on financial changes in the lives of the payor of the recipient.

  1. Reimbursement Spousal Support/Alimony

This is paid so a spouse can “reimburse” the other for expenses incurred or paid by he or she (such as graduate school tuition).

If a divorce may be in your future, or if you’re currently paying or receiving spousal support, and have questions or concerns about alimony or spousal support, contact The Bloom Firm. We can help you by learning about your situation, educating you about applicable laws and representing your interests in any spousal support proceedings.